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Shopper Loyalty Marketing

Both retailers and CPGs/FMCGs can access enormous amounts of data on their customers’ behavior, yet they struggle to derive the necessary insight to create highly personalized communications and targeted marketing that appeal to each individual.

Whether you are just starting out on your customer analytics journey or are a leader in your industry, Symphony EYC solutions deliver eye-opening insight to help you understand how your customers behave across multiple channels, and how to personalize your targeted marketing to drive sales.

How can I develop targeted campaigns across multiple channels? How can I measure the ROI of each campaign? How can I be sure that I am pushing out the right offers to the right people through the right channels? Answering these questions is key to engaging customers more effectively while reducing marketing spend.

Through one of our case studies, Symphony EYC found that CPGs/FMCGs spend $200 billion every year on promotions, while retailers spend $20 billion each year on marketing. With the stakes this high, gaining the greatest possible return on your promotional spend is paramount to commercial success.

To boost sales and build lifetime customer loyalty you must provide relevant messages and promotions to your customers precisely when and where they will have maximum impact.

  • I want to personalize my existing promotions—but how?

  • Which types of targeted marketing yield the greatest ROI?

  • How can I make my value proposition clear to customers?

  • When is the best time to send a targeted communication to each customer?

  • Which channel is the most effective means of engaging each customer?

Obtaining answers to questions like these will require you to unlock deep insights in your customer data. The potential for using these findings to drive smarter business decisions is limitless, and can significantly improve the ROI of your marketing activities.

How Symphony EYC can help you

With sophisticated targeted marketing solutions from Symphony EYC, you can develop an in-depth understanding of how your customers behave both online and offline, and a single view of each customer across all channels to drive consistent, targeted communications. Built on best practices and extensive global consulting experience, Symphony EYC solutions will help you personalize your promotions to boost their appeal—growing sales, extending the customer lifecycle and building lifetime loyalty to your brand. By understanding customers and their activities across multiple channels, retailers can ensure they deliver the most appropriate messages in the right way and at the right time to drive profitable sales.

Symphony EYC supports retailers and CPGs every step of the way, from setting campaign objectives, building an offer pool and selecting the audience, through to scoring and allocating offers based on relevance, determining the optimal channel(s) and providing detailed analysis of the results.


Amplify - designed with retail users in mind

Amplify is a targeted marketing solution specifically designed with retail users in mind, to aid in more efficient use of promotional spend.

It enables retailers to deliver the right message, to the right shoppers, through the right channel, at the right time.

Our software-as-a-service solution is available through all popular browsers, features a friendly, intuitive interface through which program administrators can manage marketing operational activity, and provides the opportunity for collaboration between retailers, campaign managers, category managers, and CPGs.

It supports true omni-channel marketing, including EYC’s fully integrated OfferBeam solution, and includes role-based dashboards and post-campaign analytics, user-defined shopper groups, sophisticated segmentation methodologies, and our unique, embedded, field- tested relevance algorithms.


Reach and engage customers better with OfferBeam

OfferBeam enables businesses to harness the explosive growth of smartphones and wearables to better reach and engage customers, drive sales and increase profitability.

By incorporating OfferBeam’s SDK into your existing mobile apps you can “beam” targeted messages and promotions directly to your customers when they are close to your retail locations to drive additional foot traffic, welcome them when they enter the store and influence their purchase decisions in aisle at the exact moment they are ready to buy.

Unique to OfferBeam is the ability to capture geo-cookies during the customer shopping journey to predict future shopping patterns. By utilizing these patterns, you can non- intrusively reach new customers and grow profits in ways that work best for your business.

OfferBeam’s web portal can be paired with Amplify for seamless campaign setup and execution, or implemented as a standalone platform for managing your locations and geo-targeted promotions. OfferBeam is easy to implement requiring no point-of- sale integration, additional hardware or software to maintain.


Stay one step ahead of your competitors thanks to Symphony EYC solutions

The Symphony EYC solutions help you design, execute and analyze each campaign to ensure the optimal communication with customers and to deliver effective ROI.

Backed by expert strategic advice from Symphony EYC's consultants, the solutions can help you foster customer loyalty, increase revenues and reduce marketing spend— keeping you one step ahead of your competitors.

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