Customer Insights

Proactively build category growth with intelligent tools and data across retailers, customers, products and promotions

Track all key aspects of customer and product performance to drive sales

Answering the key questions of category managers

What are the main drivers of sales changes? What are the sales within a customer segment, store or category? These are just a few of the critical questions Symphony EYC’s Customer Insights answers. The sophisticated analytical tool brings together eight major categories to effectively track sales and customer trends.

Retailer Scorecard plus seven other impactful insight sets

Category managers will respond faster to market changes having easy access to Customer Insights’ deep analytical power. Composed of eight insight reports, you can skim, drill and examine high level trends and granular detail. Symphony EYC's Customer Insights includes Retailer Scorecard, Basket Analyzer, Customer Migration, Customer Profiler, Distribution Tracker, New Product Tracker, Switching Analyzer and Event Impact Analyzer. Together, they arm the busy category manager with everything they need to drive continued category growth.

  • Tracks key category activities with intuitive, visual interface
  • Provides flexible visibility into tracking and analyzing category changes
  • Includes eight critical insight sets to quickly uncover issues and respond




Topco Associates, LLC, the largest food buying cooperative in the United States, recently established an aggregated solution to provide retail members with access to Symphony EYC’s segmentation solutions, insights and reports to help drive ID store sales and boost collaboration with their Consumer Packaged Goods partners.

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