Hyper-Personalized Marketing

Grow trips and basket sizes by executing more intelligent, omni channel campaigns driven by customer behavior

Hyper-personalized campaigns drive better results. Now they are simple and quick

Understanding your customers and targeting them as individuals, based on past purchase behavior, offer redemption rates and channel preferences is now almost effortless. Symphony EYC's Personalized Marketing gives retailers sophisticated targeting and collaborative offer management control to deploy multiple offers across the appropriate channels. True omnichannel marketing.

Optimize billions of offer combinations in minutes

The solution features a campaign workflow designed to the demands of retail marketers. You can easily create a large offer bank, make ongoing changes and even plan offers for the entire marketing calendar to deliver personal, customized messages at the speed of digital.

  • Makes campaign execution simple and quick 
  • Applies intelligent, flexible targeting allocation methodology
  • Provides accurate, timely campaign results 
  • Delivers multiple channel-appropriate offers 
  • Executes location-aware relevant offers 

Deliver geo-targeted offers at right time and place

Symphony EYC’s proximity marketing solutions apply geo-fencing technology and in-store beacons to help you deliver messages at a precise time and location for maximum impact.


Hyper-Personalized Marketing

A Retailer’s Guide to Hyper-Personalized Marketing: how to grow trips & basket sizes

Shoppers have immense choices today – with more businesses competing for their limited dollars, offering more products, channels, prices and promotions.

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