Supplier Collaboration

Coordinate business activities with manufacturers to optimize promotional spend while boosting campaign effectiveness

Drive customer-focused decisions and 2% category growth by including suppliers in the process

Increase sales by working closer with suppliers

When retailers synchronize their efforts with suppliers, it drives better business outcomes. Now retailers can maximize in-store presence and optimize reach across their target market with Symphony EYC’s Supplier Collaboration solutions. They provide a shared platform for retailers and manufacturers to work with the same information and insights, to coordinate marketing activities that drive trips, spend and loyalty.

Take collaboration to the next level

Forward thinking retailers work closely with manufacturers to jointly develop business and category management plans for driving better results. Symphony EYC’s solutions allow both parties to align marketing activities, to target the same shoppers and take their collaboration to the next level. With stronger relationships between manufacturers and retailers, both parties can get the most out of their investments. Our Supplier Collaboration solutions:

  • Provide a shared platform for retailer-manufacturer collaboration
  • Ensure a unified view of insights to align activities
  • Improve joint business and marketing planning
  • Support more customer-focused decisions


European Consumer Goods Survey 2017

European Consumer Goods Survey 2017. Retailer Collaboration: The Opportunity

Customer-centric retailing requires genuine collaboration in identifying how retailers and manufacturers can differentiate their offering and deliver shopping experiences that delight their customers.

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