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Vendor Collaboration

Forward-thinking retailers are increasingly keen to engage CPGs/FMCGs as true partners rather than simply suppliers.

Symphony EYC solutions are designed to help you work more closely with your suppliers and coordinate your marketing activities—allowing you to reduce promotional spend while boosting campaign effectiveness.

How can I coordinate effectively with my suppliers on customer analytics and marketing activities? How can I influence branded goods from CPGs/FMCGs to make sure they also support my own strategy? Retailers that can find answers to these questions can strengthen and make the most of their supplier relationships.

To achieve joint successes, you must work hand-in-hand with your suppliers:

  • How can I ensure that my suppliers’ marketing activities are in line with own customer agenda, and vice versa?
  • Are my suppliers targeting the same consumers as I am— and if so, how can we work together for a better outcome for both of us?
  • How can I develop joint business plans and category marketing processes with my suppliers?
  • How can my suppliers help me hit my sales targets—and vice versa?
  • How can my suppliers and I derive more value from our relationships than purely transactional relationships can provide?

To answer questions like these, retailers must integrate vendors into their key business processes and take their collaboration to the next level. Joining forces in this way can provide a broad array of benefits to your business.

As audiences for older media platforms—such as television, radio and newspapers—decline, CPGs/FMCGs recognise that working with retailers to maximise in-store presence is an excellent way to reach huge portions of the market. As a result, they will be eager to work with you to draw up plans to meet both companies’ strategic aims.

How Symphony EYC can help you

Symphony EYC can help you realize the full value of your supplier relationships by helping you forge joint business processes with your vendors. By creating a common language between retailers and CPGs/FMCGs, Symphony EYC can help you collaborate more effectively with your suppliers than ever before.

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