Symphony EYC, a leading provider of software and services for insights-driven customer engagement, partners with leading retailers and manufacturers in over 70 countries to deliver increased revenue, margins and loyalty by enabling a more consistent omni-channel customer retail experience. The simple, intuitive cloud-based software apps, big data analytic solutions and services from Symphony EYC enable revenue growth through customer-centric retailing opportunities that delight existing customers and attract new customers.

Discover the Retail Cloud

Symphony EYC solutions help power the Symphony Retail Cloud, the industry’s first role-based, customer-centric cloud solution. The Symphony Retail Cloud enables retailers and manufacturers to deliver more than two percent revenue growth by translating customer intelligence into insights and actions that drive bottom-line decisions. Discover more about the Symphony Retail Cloud.

Interview with Dr. Pallab Chatterjee

Customer-centric retailing provides retailers and manufacturers globally with significant
value creating opportunities. Symphony EYC’s CEO explains more in this video.